Custom Paddles
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Each of our paddles is handmade from wood by Malama himself.
Wood lasts longer since it doesn't chip as much and can be easily refinished to new condition.
Wood is easier on your joints since it has a slight flex.
Any wood paddle is more beautiful and traditional than a nonwood paddle.

All paddles handles are wrapped with 2 oz fiberglass and the entire paddle has an epoxy undercoat to increase durability (HCRA legal)

Standard Paddling Blade
Basswood/poplar stringer shaft
Basswood with Koa edges



Standard Steering Blade
Basswood/poplar stringer shaft
Koa edges
nonslip material on back

Stand Up Paddle
(See video below - paddle is similar to the outrigger paddles shown above but with a longer shaft)

See more photos and customer comments at
Koa edges
Triple fiberglassed shaft      

Our standup paddles are made of wood so they are easier on your joints (not so rigid)

One of Malama's Stand Up Paddles in action at Thousand Peaks, Maui

See Review of Malama SUP on and here



Custom Exotic Woods
(regular - not standup paddle)

Koa, poplar, wenge, mango
Each paddle is unique
Specify steering or paddling blade

Price depends on amount of koa. 


Sail Canoe Steering Blade

Fiberglassed Shaft & blade
(nonslip material on back)

Traditional Koa Paddle

About 5ft tall with either a vertical (shown) or horizontal wall mount

note: Curly Koa is not always available.


Remember the time difference!
We are still asleep when NY is having lunch and SF is already pau breakfast



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